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Lecture Series

Dr. Norton’s Lecture Series

Dr. Norton is available to lecture locally on several subjects. If your group is in need of a guest lecturer, please call us. Lectures can be as long as eight hours or as short as fifteen minutes. Lectures are given complimentary for patients or future patients of Fast Trax Orthodontics.

Topics for Health Care Professionals:

  1. Snoring and Sleep Apnea from the Dental Perspective
  2. Non-Surgical Orthodontic TMD Therapy
  3. Frenums
  4. Tori, Torus, and Exostosis
  5. Importance of Breastfeeding to Total Health
  6. SIDS/Otitis Media and Obligate Nasal Breathing
  7. Abfractions – Maybe it is not the toothbrush.
  8. Infant Caries
  9. How to grow attractive faces

Topics for the Public:

  1. Snoring and Sleep Apnea - The Non-Silent Killers
  2. Sleep Apnea in Children
  3. TMJ Therapy using Orthodontics
  4. Importance of Breastfeeding for Total Health
  5. Infant Tooth Decay
  6. Growing Attractive Faces
    How to give your child the best possibility of an attractive face
  7. Orthodontic treatments for Bed wetting, Hyperactivity, Recurring Ear Infections, and more
  8. SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) Protection
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